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Welcome to the Midwest Auto Racing Series (MARS) site, home to one of the longest-running NR2003 online sim racing leagues. MARS is currently accepting new drivers for the 2015 season, our 18TH season for Online Racing.

MARS currently runs Nascar Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus. We have our own dedicated server.

There is always plenty of excitement at MARS and the future looks brighter than ever. Every new year, we have some of the best racing action from all of our present drivers along with our new members. So come and join the excitement of action packed online racing!

Our goals are straightforward and simple: quality, fun racing in a good clean environment by matching new members to divisions with veteran drivers who will share the experience to create a better overall league.

If you are new to MARS, then please read through the rules and regulations. We appreciate good, clean drivers, but will allow online rookies in the league as well. The rules and regulations are strictly enforced by our division administrators.

MARS 2014 Champions

Congratulations to Ron McGrane Mars 2014 Cup champion and to Chuckt MARS 2014 SS champion. Thanks to all who participated this year.

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